DominicFord Releases HTC EVO 3D Version of 'Whorrey Potter'

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — DominicFord has announced full support for the new glasses-free HTC EVO 3D cell phone and with it a compatible version of its film, "Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls."

The movie is available as a digital download from the company’s online store in both 3D TV and EVO 3D formats at reduced prices.

"As more and more glasses-free 3D devices become available, we will expand our available formats to support them. We are extremely excited that 3D without red/cyan glasses is becoming mainstream. Finally people can see our adult movies in cinema-quality formats. People will be astounded by the quality," said Dominic Ford.

The company also said its weekly movies will soon be available for EVO 3D in the near future.

Last week, Ford announced the support of the Nintendo 3DS, with a special showcase sub-site.

Ford added, "We are committed to providing content to every 3D platform available. We have hundreds of movies shot in HD 3D, and are excited to extend our reach and our brand via these new 3D devices."

For more informtion on the EVO 3D offering visit DominicFord.