Zero Tolerance Adds QR Codes to New Releases

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Zero Tolerance Entertainment announced Thursday it has implemented QR Codes on all Zero Tolerance and Third Degree Films DVD releases going forward.

The application allows consumers to scan the matrix barcode located on the DVD packaging with their smartphone, and be instantly led to the movie's respective trailer or a one-page site allowing a "sneak preview" before purchasing it. For films that don't have official trailers, the QR code will link to the official website of the studio.

"Car Wash Orgy" from ZT and "Taxi Cab Confessions" from 3rd Degree are the first two titles with the codes.

"Despite being a parody, I was able to write some original stories and had a great cast to work with," said "Taxi Cab Confessions" director Mike Quasar. "This was a lot of fun to shoot I am excited that consumers will have the opportunity to experience a taste of the film before purchasing it."

Marcus West, the marketing and sales director for ZT, remarked, "The addition of the QR Codes is not only a technological advance for ZT, but a great tool to push sales. The customer has the chance to visit our site and either read about the movie or view the trailer while shopping. We have a better chance of getting the sale at retail if they are further engaged and can see the quality of the product."