iPad Dominates Global Tablet Web Traffic, Study Says

Lyla Katz

RESTON, Va. — A report by ComScore shows that the iPad is currently the dominant tablet device across most parts of the world.

The findings indicate that the iPad contribute more than 89 percent of tablet traffic across all markets, iPad traffic is the highest in Canada at 33.5 percent, followed by Brazil with the second highest share of traffic coming from the iPad at 31.8 percent.

In Singapore, where non-computer devices comprise nearly 6 percent of total traffic, the iPad accouts for 26.2 percent of this traffic.

The report also shows that while Android tablets significantly lag behind Apple in the U.S. tablet market, the platform actually beats Apple in the Smartphone space. Android phones represented 35.6 percent of all non-computer traffic, while Apple’s iPhone held 23.5 percent share.

But, in most other countries, Android followed the iPhone in total traffic.  In Canada, for example, Apple's smartphone represented 34.6 percent of all traffic in May, followed by Android smartphones with 8.2 percent share.

iPod Touches contribute a notable percentage of non-computer device traffic across most countries, while other devices such as e-readers and gaming systems contribute only a very modest percentage.