Lingerie Bowl 2004

Angus Fitzpatrick

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and in front of big and small screens alike, millions of people worldwide will be watching Super Bowl XXXVIII – it’s an American tradition. The halftime show this year, however, promises to be as exciting as the game for some, with the offering of a pay-per-view alternative: Lingerie Bowl 2004!

Sure, the NFL goes out of its way to put on a huge halftime show, and advertisers pay top dollar to reach the global audience; but for only $19.95, fans can enjoy seven-on-seven tackle football between Team Euphoria and Team Dream, live from the Los Angeles Coliseum. Teams, I might add, that are composed of models dressed in revealing outfits – what more could a boy (or girl) waiting for the second half to start want?

Lingerie Bowl players include Team Dream’s Nikki Ziering and Team Euphoria’s Angie Everhart. It’s not just the players who are catching attention, either, as NFL Hall of Famers join in for coaching duties, with Lawrence Taylor coaching Team Euphoria while Team Dream is coached by Eric Dickerson.

Lingerie Bowl executive producer Mitch Mortaza hopes his extravaganza will attract over 4 million pay-per-view subscriptions – double the number of the current best selling PPV event; the 1997 Tyson/Holyfield match which was seen by nearly 2 million viewers – and that the event will pave the way for a league next year offering initial franchises in Dallas and Chicago.

Sandy Grossman, a veteran NFL / Super Bowl producer will putting the Lingerie Bowl together – which is carefully timed to prevent fans from missing any of the Super Bowl. The show kicks off at 5 p.m. with celebrities arriving for this breakthrough event..

Sponsored by, “the world’s largest poker room,” the Lingerie Bowl stands poised to become another Super Bowl Sunday tradition in a great many living rooms around the world.