Launches Marketing Campaign

Dan Miller

LAS VEGAS — Silent Stream Media on Wednesday announced the debut of its trailer on YouTube, launching its marketing campaign by giving viewers a taste of what's to come on the new webcam site. The company also extended its pre-registration period at in anticipation of its soft launch on July 15.

Adult star Teagan Presley hosts the promotional spot, introducing the CamMansion with about a dozen scantily clad models in various parts of the house and lounging by the pool. Richard Anderson shot the video.

A Silent Stream executive told XBIZ the two-minute version was designed for viral internet promo, while a 10-minute segment will run on as part of a series.

Meanwhile, the company is planning to accelerate its marketing with a soft launch party on July 15 and a grand opening party on Aug. 5, both at venues to be announced in Las Vegas. also is making final preparations to begin an aggressive ad campaign that will involve billboards in high-traffic areas of Las Vegas and ads plastered on the trunks and on top of taxi cabs.

“You won’t be able to come to or leave Vegas without seeing our billboards for the next six months,” said the exec. “All the areas we’ve reserved average 60,000 cars per day.”

The taxi promotion includes a video that will play on credit-card screens starting in July.

“We’re taking a mainstream approach to marketing and trying to cover every possible angle — billboards, taxi cabs, digital media, club events and radio ads through CBS radio," he continued. We’re hitting every market we can. What differentiates our company and why so many people are jumping on board is we’re not just promoting a cam site, we’re promoting a lifestyle."