SLS Specialty Named 1 of 4 Exclusive Standard Innovation Distributors

Ariana Rodriguez

HOUSTON — Boutique adult distributor SLS Specialty has been named one of four exclusive U.S. distributors of Standard Innovation sex toys, including the We-Vibe 2, Touch, Tango and Salsa vibrators, to the adult retail market nationwide.

SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said he is honored to be selected as one of Standard Innovation’s premiere distributors bringing some of the industry’s most world renowned couples-oriented sex toys to adult brick-and-mortar and online retail shops.

“SLS is pleased to be chosen by Standard Innovation to represent their full collection as one of their exclusive distributors,” Nelson said. “This shows that the industry’s manufacturers truly do respect the work SLS does and marks another example of being recognized for our outstanding customer service, ability to work one-on-one with manufacturers and retailers, and for the tremendous level of professionalism we exude both in the office and out in the field.”

According to the company, Standard Innovation currently is finalizing in-store display and merchandising programs to further promote and streamline sales of its full product line.

SLS Specialty said it will bring these tools to the retail market and will have more details soon.

Email sales inquiries to sales@slsspecialty.