Girlfriends Films Responds to Fan Requests for New 'Please Make Me Lesbian' Volumes

RESEDA, Calif. — Fans of Girlfriends Films’ “Please Make Me Lesbian” are demanding subsequent volumes of the critically acclaimed debut.

Known for catering to the desires of its consumers, Girlfriends Films is already in post-production on “Please Make Me Lesbain: Part 2," which ships July 1.

The Forum generated a notable amount of praise for the first volume — many believe it’s one of the best Girlfriend Films’ series yet.

The series chronicles the shocking story of Hayden (Lily Carter) and her desire to win the intimate affection of her stepmother (Zoey Holloway). 

To view the box art, photo stills and trailer for “Please Make Me Lesbian: Part 1," click here.

“Please Make Me Lesbian: Part 1” begins with Syren tickling her daughter, Hayden’s friend Heather to the point of wetting herself. Syren leads the embarrassed girl upstairs to change, but once the clothes come off, the debauchery begins. Discovery of the indiscretion causes Hayden’s father to divorce Syren. Two years later, father and daughter find themselves living with Zoey and her daughter, Taylor. Now Zoey has to deal with two sexually active girls. Zoey invites her friend Veronica over so she can vent, but it ends up being Veronica’s touch and kiss, which relaxes Zoey. Heeding Veronica’s advice her sexually naïve stepdaughter, Zoey purchases some toys for Hayden and encourages her to explore her body. Hayden begins to fantasize about having her first lesbian encounter with her busty teacher Raylene.

Meanwhile Taylor’s gossip session with Prinzzess about Hayden turns into their own lesbian romp.