Coquette Opens Distribution Warehouse in Los Angeles

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Coquette has announced the opening of its warehouse in Los Angeles.

After five years of operation from Buffalo, Coquette said it made the official decision to move the location to Los Angeles due to its increasing product demand on the West Coast.

The brand new 25,000 sq. ft., facility will be a temporary location with the hopes of expanding within the next few years, the company said.

“We always intended to go to L.A., it only makes sense for our business model,” Coquette President Peter Horea said. “This will allow us to better serve our customers and to grow our U.S. client base.”

The Los Angeles facility is located near a port, allowing for more expedient delivery times and more efficient distribution of Coquette’s product throughout North America by eliminating the previous shipping method of going through New York City and Buffalo, the company said.

“This move will open many doors for Coquette,” said Dave George, Coquette’s national sales manager. “I expect that potential customers will be attracted to our shipment expediency as well as our dedication to our business relations.”

Along with the facility change, Udo Scholze, Coquette’s german business manager, will be relocating from Germany to head the Los Angeles location as the warehouse manager. Scholze who has worked with Coquette since 2004 as the head of the German location brings with him extensive experience and an already established client base.

“I wanted someone that I could send to L.A., and have complete confidence and trust to take over that location,” said Horea. “Udo is dedicated, extremely organized and I trust him like a son.”

Scholze said he is looking forward to familiarizing himself with the North American clientele and the future opportunities that will present themselves in Los Angeles.