SINsual Shot Debuts for Women & Men New Flavor

Ariana Rodriguez

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Dagus Brands’ SINsual Shot is now available in Forbidden Fruit and Chocolate Mint flavors online and through Exile Distribution.

SINsual Shot comes in two flavors, Forbidden Fruit (watermelon) and Chocolate Mint. Perfect for mixing with alcoholic beverages, the company said.

“All it takes is one a day for sexy play,” Dagus Brands Owner David Gustafson said. “SINsual shot is the first of its kind, and we are extremely excited to begin our huge marketing push. Like Coke or Xerox, we have the advantage of being the original, but we know the importance of building our brand. Once people experience the orgasmic nature of SINsual Shot, they will instantly be hooked.”

Heading up sales for SINsual Shot within the adult industry is Exile Distribution’s Howard Levine.

“There is an infinite market reach for SINsual Shot,” Levine said. “It’s a product that crosses into many demographics and will be available all over the world. SINsual Shot is a great pick-me up during the time you need it most.”

SINsual Shot has a special heating and time based mixing process that promotes blood flow to the small capillaries in the erogenous zones of the body creating a sense of heat and overwhelming pleasure at the point of climax.

Free of the overwhelming jittery feeling caffeinated energy drinks cause, SINsual Shot provides a light boost of energy, followed by the feeling of ecstasy rushing through the body during sexual performance, the company said.

SINsual Shot will soon be available through big box retailers and grocery stores, as well as convenience stores and gas stations. The sexual energy drink will also be sold through adult industry retailers, e-tailers and distributors.

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To place an order, contact Howard Levine at (818) 576-9464, ext. 116, or email