Titan Media Signs Hunter Marx as Exclusive

Lyla Katz

SAN FRANCISCO — Titan Media has signed a multiyear contract with performer Hunter Marx making him its newest exclusive performer.

The 31-year mid-Westerner makes his TitanMen debut in the Brian Mills-directed film “Sting,” which was just released. 

“Hunter is probably one of the hottest guys to come to Titan in a long while,” director Brian Mills said. 

“Many men this handsome aren’t very approachable.  Not so with Hunter.  Every performer that’s been paired with him loves him.  He’s attentive and very focused.  The first time I photographed Hunter, I couldn’t get enough of that amazing body hair.  His entire body is covered with fine golden-amber hair.  His dick is always hard… really hard.  I can hardly wait to get him in front of the camera again.”

After “Sting,” Hunter can be seen in “Speechless,” releasing late June. He'll be seen in two upcoming TitanMen features releasing in July and August.

“Filming with Titan was great,” Marx said. “They really go the extra mile to make sure that everything looks polished for the cameras.  I'm very proud to be a TitanMen exclusive. It's an awesome status symbol for masculinity, fitness and sex appeal.  It more than validates all the long hours spent grunting at the gym.”