Girlfriends Films Donates to NPR on Behalf of Ryan Keely

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Girlfriends Films is donating $1000 to National Public Radio on behalf of Ryan Keely in accordance with the studio’s monthly charity program.

Keely’s submission of NPR is June’s donation, and third monthly check for $1000 in the charity program’s new format. In April, performer/director Melissa Monet selected Planned Parenthood, while in May, performer Lily Cade chose Lambda Legal.

Keely, a frequent lesbian performer with Girlfriends Films and a Penthouse Pet, believes in NPR’s commitment to social education.

“NPR is an amazing, mostly unbiased news source providing in-depth coverage of complex news stories,” Keely said. “It is very important to donate to NPR, as the government is looking to de-fund this important program. Government funded in the past, NPR’s lack of commercials provide the air time for the reporters to fully explain current events in an intelligent and interesting way. If it weren’t for NPR, I would not be as worldly a woman as I am today.”

Keely continued, “I'm honored my entreaty on behalf of NPR was selected by Girlfriend Films to receive this generous donation. In every scene I've ever shot for Girlfriends Films, they've allowed me to express my sexuality in a true and accurate way. Girlfriends Films is a leader in creating real lesbian erotic films.

"As their core business is groundbreaking in concept, it is unsurprising they go above and beyond, donating to charity in this creative way. I dearly hope this action inspires others to give, as there are many worthy causes in need of money and volunteers.”

“It is often difficult to find media willing to suppress their preconceived notions when reporting,” said Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose. “NPR provides a platform for its listeners to hear the virtues of the industry, instead of merely criticisms. Ryan made a great choice when selecting NPR to receive the $1000 for the month of June, and we are proud to present the organization with the check.”

Each month, Girlfriends Films selects an adult performer from received entries and makes a $1000 donation in her name to the specified charity.

The only condition is performers must choose from one of the organizations receiving a “B+” rating or better by the American Institute of Philanthropy (

Girlfriends Films has a long history of charitable contributions, having donated over $20,000 in 2010 alone.