Spencer Reed to Make Directorial Debut on DominicFord.com

LOS ANGELES— The reigning XBIZ Gay Performer of the Year Spencer Reed will make his directorial debut at DominicFord.com this Thursday.

The scene, which Reed conceived and directed, features Shane Frost (winner of "Hottest Cock" at the Grabby Awards) in a light bondage scene. The scene involves Reed tying Frost to a bannister on a staircase and using a broom handle as a dildo. After that, Reed dominates Frost.

Producer Dominic Ford said, "We've worked with Spencer a lot, and always thought he brings more than just a hot body to our scenes. He is always inventive and creative with what I ask him to do. This time, I gave Spencer complete freedom. Shane is a good friend and is always up for whatever we throw at him.

"Spencer completely created this scene and directed it with the experience and expertise that can only come from such an expert performer. In this scene, you will see why he won Best Performer of the Year."

While DominicFord.com doesn't dabble in bondage a lot, the site scored high marks when it debuted a then-unknown Chris Porter in a light bondage scene with Conner Habbib which Habbib co-directed. The scene will launch on Thursday at DominicFord.com.