Spice Radio to Launch Weekly Show from Mustang Ranch

LOS ANGELES — SiriusXM’s Spice Radio will launch Live! At The Mustang Ranch, a weekly two-hour show that will broadcast from The Mustang Ranch, the renowned legal brothel outside Reno, Nevada.

Live! At The Mustang Ranch will debut at  8 p.m. EST this Thursday, and air Thursdays in this time slot on Spice Radio, Sirius Ch.103 and XM Ch.103 with XM Premier (formerly known as “The Best of Sirius”).

Live! At The Mustang Ranch will bring listeners into the world of one of America’s leading legal brothels. Candid conversations with the “working girls,” their customers, colorful local patrons and visiting guests will provide intimate insight into the milieu of the world’s oldest profession.

Madam Susan Austin, the celebrated owner/proprietor of The Mustang Ranch, will introduce each show, with Ranch employee Jamie Wylde serving as the show’s host. The show will broadcast from The Mustang Ranch Saloon, offering listeners and audience members alike the salty, seductive and sensual sensations the bordello is known for worldwide.

“There’s really no place like The Mustang Ranch,” said Farrell Hirsch, executive producer of Spice Radio. “The combination of Wild West history, larger-than-life characters and palpable sensual energy will come together to make very entertaining adult radio content.”

The Mustang Ranch was the first operating legal brothel in Nevada. Opened in 1971 by Joe Conforte, The Mustang Ranch was forfeited to the Federal Government in 1999 when Conforte fled to South America following numerous tax evasion allegations. Unable to make the once-thriving establishment profitable, the government put the building up for auction on eBay.

Susan Austin, the Madam of The Mustang Ranch, became a "working girl" in her 40s after raising her four sons. She fell in love with a client, real estate mogul Lance Gilman, who then built the Wild Horse Resort and Spa brothel on his property a few miles east of Reno, Nevada, for Susan to run. In 2003, Gilman bought The Mustang Ranch on the eBay auction. At great expense, he had the entire building moved onto his gated compound and, with Susan’s creative direction, turned it into a modern, luxurious destination.

The Mustang Ranch re-opened in 2007 with its rich historic heritage impeccably preserved. The Mustang Ranch and the neighboring Wild Horse Resort and Spa are widely considered to be the premiere bordellos in the U.S., and two of the best in the world.

Host Jamie Wylde became a “working girl” at The Mustang Ranch during its rambunctious, rowdy early days before Joe Conforte fled the country. She was one of the first Mustang Ladies to open the brothel in its current location and has a rich history with the multi-million dollar property. In addition to hosting Live! At The Mustang Ranch, Jamie is the gatekeeper for any ladies interested in working at the brothel; selecting, interviewing and ultimately recommending (or not) prospective courtesans to Madam Susan Austin.  

For more information on The Mustang Ranch, visit mustangranchbrothel.com.