Shunga Now Offering Male Genital Desentizer With Free Display

Ariana Rodriguez

MONTREAL — Shunga Erotic Art now offers a new counter display for its Male Genital Desensitizer spray.

The informational display can hold a dozen desensitizer sprays and can be obtained by retailers free of charge when ordering a pack of 12 units of the spray by requesting the display from their Shunga supplier.

Shunga’s Male Genital Desentizer’s formula delivers time-synchronized action that offers gradual levels of desensitization from the beginning to the end of its cycle.

“Boutiques love this attractive display because it allows them to have a better in-store focus on the product,” said Angela Mustone, director of business development for Shunga. “This is especially true in the case of our Male Genital Desensitizer spray because the header of the display clearly explains to the customer how the product works, something a customer might be afraid to ask directly to a sales person.”

The display and the Male Genital Desensitizer spray are available from all of Shunga’s distributors.

Shunga offers the same display concept for its bestsellers, including Secret Garden Female Orgasm Enhancing Cream and Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream.