Spartacus Introduces Stamina Rings

PORTLAND — Spartacus Enterprises will be releasing all new packaging for its selection of cock rings.

According to the company, it will do away with the standard industry term “cock ring” on its packaging over the next few months. The company said it would be replacing the term with Stamina Ring, thus opening its products to a wider audience.

Spartacus sales and marketing manager Joel VanDerZanden said, “We understand that veteran users of these products as well as veterans of our industry are quite comfortable with the standard ‘cock ring,’ but in an ever-expanding market we must be open to new ways of presenting these products. Our team feels that this simple change will be incredibly effective and we are very excited about the future possibilities this will open.”

At the upcoming July ANE show Spartacus will release new Stamina Ring packaging in the Rubber, Nitrile, Elastomer, and Metal categories. The leather category will be soon to follow in the coming months, the company said.