ProAdult Cleans House

Gretchen Gallen
GLENDALE, Calif. – ProAdult announced today that it is cleaning house, and not in the traditional sense of the word. The Adult Verification Service (AVS) is launching a quality control initiative and clearing out the debris from its first-tier links list so that traffic can convert at a higher ratio, ProAdult's senior developer told XBiz.

Situated in the AVS capital of the world, ProAdult is the brainchild of Igor, one of the founders of Free VoyeurWeb.

At a time when some AVS companies have been shifting their business models and some have been staying strong, ProAdult has decided to clear out the first tier of its regular site lists, which are typically reserved for websites that don't qualify for the second or third tiers. The AVS is also tightening the ship in terms of the type of content featured on its site that could potentially create a legal backlash.

According to John of ProAdult, his review team will go through the links list and get rid of an estimated 25,000-30,000 websites. The process is expected to significantly increase the quality of ProAdult's index by eliminating sites that are traffic scavengers and leaks.

Those websites that are unlisted from the tier one links list will be invited to resubmit their sites for positioning on a higher tier. In the meantime, they will be able to continue processing credit cards, but they won't receive any more links list traffic.

"Sites coming off the list will have two weeks to reorganize, redesign, and restructure their sites in order to meet the criteria of getting on the second or third tiers," John told XBiz. "If they are willing to do so, we are willing to review their sites.

ProAdult's new criteria for websites prohibits any content that has to do with children, bestiality, urination or defecation in conjunction with sex acts, rape scenes, fisting or foot insertion, homicide or dismemberment in conjunction with the sex act, or severe infliction of pain.

Additionally, among numerous other restrictions, ProAdult will not accept sites for consideration that contain fewer than 30 pictures or that contain pop-up consoles.

ProAdult's premium site, a monthly recurring program known as its Quantum program, will not be altered in any way.

John told XBiz that his company's internal cleaning has nothing to do with some of the changes occurring in the AVS space, like with AdultCheck or other AVS sites that have made some radical changes to their business models. Additionally, ProAdult's restructuring has nothing to do with Visa or Mastercard chargeback ratios.

"Nothing is going to change," John told XBiz. "Webmasters can still make sales and carry on, they just aren't getting any exposure from our traffic. But they will still get paid for all the transactions that have accumulated in those accounts indefinitely even if they are off the links list. They will also get all the same support. This is just something we have to do."

After nearly a year in the making, ProAdult will be releasing its own affiliate program in the next few weeks that will feature niche products, toys, and paysites. The launch date is slated for sometime in February, John told XBiz.

"There is a lot of shaky commotion in terms of webmasters losing their respect for AVS sites," John told XBiz. "But ProAdult is still keeping that foundation, getting stronger, bigger, and better, and we're not planning on going anywhere any time soon."