Rockafellaz CEO Announced as VIP Presenter During Dallas Pride

SAINT LOUIS, Mo. — Rockafellaz Entertainment and Dallas Pride have announced Rock Rockafella as the VIP presenter at the 2011 Dallas Black Pride event.

“The invite was definitely unexpected,” Rockafella said. “Attending this event will again be something new for me because my reasons will be different. Before it was solely about partying and filmmaking. This time it’s about informing and educating on the effects of HIV/AIDS in the porn industry.”

As a guest panelist and presenter, Rockafella will share his experiences as an adult film star and educate attendees on HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness.

Other stars expected to appear are Damori Rockafella and Remy Mars.

“I feel that this partnership will allow people to get to see Rock in a much different light and to hopefully see that he is not only a smart businessman but also someone who cares about the LGBT community,” said Derrick Spillman of DFW Pride Movement.

The DFW Pride Movement is a three-day weekend event from Sept. 29 to Oct. 3.