Screaming O Sponsors 2011 Combat Sports Expo

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O Scream Team has broken brand new ground entering the world of extreme sports by sponsoring Georgia’s 2011 Combat Sports Expo.

The 2011 Georgia Fighters Combat Sports Expo was held April 23 at Wild Bill’s, which features a sports arena, dance club and concert hall.

The weekend’s events featured racers, boxers and MMA fighters under one roof for back-to-back competition and contests. The newly expanded Scream Team represented The Screaming O, Rock On Sexy Shots and the Association for Safe Fun Sex (ASFX) in every arena, strutting their stuff as trophy girls, ring card carriers, and erotic eye candy at the Expo’s infamous bikini contest.

“The Screaming O has broken out of the box and into the boxing ring to sex up the world of MMA and extreme sports,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “It’s the next evolution of our brand, which already is a pop culture hit huge, and being a part of these kinds of events is a natural next step. The Screaming O was a smash with 5,000 excited MMA, boxing and motorsports fans all weekend.”

The Screaming O Scream Team also made a special appearance at The Combat Sports Expo’s annual bikini contest by hosting the infamous Screaming Orgasm contest during intermission.

Two special tents at the event acted as the Scream Team’s official headquarters, where they handed out swag, ASFX info and schmoozed with new fans who lined to take home vibrators, Screaming O rings, and Rock On Sexy shots.

“The positive response to a unique company like The Screaming O sponsoring an event like the Combat Sports Expo was remarkable and shows that this type of fun, fresh and sexy branding is quite welcome in this realm,” Caggiano said.

The Screaming O girls also participated in an early-morning guest spot on local radio station Rock 100.5 to host Bitch Slap Trivia, where a wrong answer won them a sexy smack by one of the Scream Team girls.

The 2011 Georgia Fighters Combat Sports EXPO was held April 23. Wild Bill’s is located at 2075 Market Street in Duluth, Ga.