Baci Lingerie Makes Statement at ILS With Main Sponsorship, Black Label Launch

Ariana Rodriguez

MIAMI — Baci Lingerie made a strong statement as the main sponsor at this year’s International Lingerie Show by launching their new Black Label collection.

Baci Lingerie said it displayed more than three years of hard work, planning and an investment of more than $20 million in the Black Label collection, which includes more than 500 new styles.

According to the company, the show was a huge success for Baci Lingerie, which continues to impact the industry with the philosophy of affordable luxury.

Six months after Baci Lingerie began shipping goods, the company said it is already selling to 5,000 stores in the U.S. The company said that during ILS, Baci Lingerie registered more than 700 new partners, including two large chains.

This year’s ILS marked the one-year anniversary that Baci Lingerie debuted their collection. Baci Lingerie has created a global promotional trailer of its participation at ILS, which can be viewed here.

“We have grown and learned a lot in the past year and always look forward to exhibiting at ILS,” said Michelle de Cespedes, director of international trade shows for Baci Lingerie. “We have grown tremendously fast in the past year and although Baci Lingerie has only been delivering goods for half a year we are now selling to over 25,000 doors worldwide in over 18 different countries. We look forward to continuing to build the Baci Lingerie brand and providing the experience of affordable luxury.”

Cespedes added, “It was really fun to be back at the ILS this year and it was a great opportunity for us to display our Black Label collection which will be able for delivery shortly. We took pre-orders on the Black Label collection and were stunned at the amount of order that were written and how well the collection was received. We designed the Black Label Collection to create an entirely new category of lingerie. This new category of high end styled lingerie for extremely low price is already revolutionizing the industry.”

Baci Lingerie said it is looking forward to meeting new partners and developing new relationships at upcoming events, including the opening of the first Baci Lingerie mono brand store in Budapest next month.

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