Platinum Media Speaks at University of Maine

ORONO, Maine — Platinum Media recently spoke at a class discussion on pornography and obscenity at the University of Maine.

“The adult movie industry has come a long way. We find the word 'pornographers' offensive, as do the police when they’re referred to as pigs,” said Scott Morgan, president of Platinum Media.

The presentation started off with a brief history of the industry and how Platinum Media got started and its distribution arrangement with Pulse Distributors.

After reviewing the text book chapter titled “The Sexual Market Place: Prostitution and Pornography,"  the Morgan’s felt it was only right to go and set the record straight with the students.

“I love making adult movies," said Mandi Michaels, Platinum’s contract model.

"I don’t feel exploited in any way and who wouldn’t want to get paid for doing something that they love to do anyway?"

Platinum Media will return to lecture at the university during the spring 2012 semester.