Digital Playground Announces 2-for-1 Deal on DVDs, Blu-rays

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Digital Playground has announced it is now offering its exclusive DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack for the price of just the DVD.

“We are uniquely packaging new releases to ensure that our viewers can enjoy DP movies on a variety of superior, high-definition media platforms without raising the wholesale price point,” Digital Playground CEO Samantha Lewis said.

Joone, the company founder, added, “Our Combo Packs provide the opportunity for consumers around the world to take advantage of the quality of Blu-ray with the portability of a DVD disc in a single package. We are committed to giving our customers the best quality and value when purchasing our movies."

DP first successfully introduced the DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack (both discs in a single package) in November. The company said it enables fans who don’t own a Blu-ray player to watch the movies now on a standard DVD player, but also protects their investment by having the Blu-ray version for future use. Digital Playground is the only adult company doing a combination pack.