The Screaming O, Hustler Hold Safe Sex Event in Cincinnati

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O, its Scream Team and Hustler Cincinnati welcomed 300-plus fans and VIPs to the Association for Safe Fun Sex (ASFX) “Play Safe, Stay Sexy” safe sex awareness event April 8.

The night kicked off at the Hustler Cincinnati boutique with more than 100 folks filling the store for free prizes, live music by DJ PhatBoy, and to compete in the Screaming O’s infamous O Face contest.

“The latest ‘Play Safe, Stay Sexy!’ gala was a hit once again, educating the young men and women of America that safe sex is a hot trend to live by,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “Los Angeles’ inaugural event set a precedent and Cincinnati’s follow-up event caused such a stir, even the mayor came by to check in. The Screaming O never fails to leave a lasting impression!”

ASFX launched the “Play Safe, Stay Sexy!” series with Hustler stores after inviting the award-winning Screaming O and its Scream Team to co-host free in-store events with VIP after-parties at Hustler locations across the country.

“The ‘Play Safe, Stay Sexy!’ party was the talk of the town and the huge turnout — complete with Mayor Mark Mallory who visited to see what the buzz was about — proved that our city’s more than ready for some sexy education,” Hustler Cincinnati's Dustin Flynt said. “Cincinnati is much sexier thanks to Hustler, and The Screaming O — now we can say for sure that spring has definitely sprung!”

The festivities continued after hours at Lunar Cincinnati’s after-party. Partygoers left with a Screaming O Condom Pack, featuring a latex condom and matching Screaming O Vibrating Ring. The kit also features a sex positions booklet.