Numa Brings Japanese Nuru Massage to U.S.

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Cariel Cohen and Orit Benzaquen, a husband and wife team, launched Numa last year to bring the Japanese erotic Nuru massage to couples in the U.S.

According to the company, the couple was first introduced to Nuru massage while seeking ways to spice up their sex life. Cohen told XBIZ that an adult movie featuring Asian starlet Asa Akira performing a Nuru massage inspired the launch of a U.S.-manufactured adaptation as Numa Massage Gel.

“We saw this as a popular trend not only in Japan, but in the adult industry with movies such as the one featuring Asa Akira,” Benzaquen said. “My husband and I decided to bring it over into the U.S. for couples such as ourselves to incorporate into their intimate moments. What makes Nuru massages stand out is that there is no machine or toy involved — it’s just you and your partner.”

Numa Nuru Massage Gel is available in four-, eight- and 16-ounce bottles. The tasteless, transparent gel contains nori seaweed and algae elements that make it sticky, yet slippery when warm water is added. also offers a variety of accessories like bowls for mixing, inflatable mattresses, fitted polyurethane sheets and positioning chairs.

Benzaquen said that Numa continuously learns from its customers about different ways to use Numa’s massage gel.

“Several customers have started to request pint-size bottles of the gel,” she said. “I eventually asked why and found out people are mixing the product in their tub for a slippery good time in the bath.”

Benzaquen added that Numa gel is non-staining and also can be used without water when it’s warmed.

While distribution deals are currently in the works to get Numa Nuru Gel into retail locations, the products are currently available for sale at, where the company currently is offering several promo specials.

Numa also operates a affiliate program that pays 20 percent of gel sales and 10 percent on every accessory sold by its affiliates. Link codes are available for promoting Numa on Facebook and Twitter, and the company also offers banners.

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