Zero Tolerance Rolls Out 'Basic Instinct' Parody

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Zero Tolerance has announced the release a new sex thriller from director Gary Orona, the "Official Basic Instinct Parody."

The X-rated version of the mainstream classic sets out to bring the story to new heights of sexual tension. Breanne Benson plays the femme fatale lead, Catherine Trammel, the number one suspect in the murder case Nick Curran (Michael Vegas) is trying to crack.

Nick would like to engage in a penetrating investigation of all three female suspects, if only he could dodge another kind of "internal affair."

"Some might think that doing a XXX parody of 'Basic Instinct' is a little redundant given how steamy the original was but by today's standards it wouldn't even be NC17," Orona said. "I'm sure I'm not the only one who wondered if Catherine Trammel (originally played by Sharon Stone) was really all 'that' sexual or if she was simply another Hollywood Star putting on a good act. In our version you won't have to wonder."

Orona continued, "In the 'Official Basic Instinct Parody," Breanne Benson in the role of Catherine Trammel delivers what I think a lot of us always wanted to see, a hardcore version of a turbulent, riveting, sexually provocative story.

"I like producing and directing these darker parodies because I think they're more viewable multiple times than some of the goofy ones. I don't know that campy comedy necessarily builds up good sexual tension. 'Official Basic Instinct Parody' delivers superb tension and I think that parody lovers are really going to love it."

The "Official Basic Instinct Parody" also stars Lexi Belle, the ZT March Doll of the Month, Brandy Aniston, Francesca Le and Lyla Storm.

To view the trailer for "Official Basic Instinct Parody," click here. For more information about the movie, click here.

The "Official Basic Instinct Parody" will hit the streets on Tuesday.