Bango Adds Mobile Carrier Billing in Canada

Rhett Pardon

LONDON — Mobile billing processor Bango announced on Wednesday that its mobile payment platform has expanded its reach in North America to 200 million subscribers by adding carrier billing in Canada.

Bango Payment already operates in 120 countries worldwide, providing adult entertainment and mainstream merchants means to monetize payments from mobile websites or apps. Bango allows users to place charges on their phone bills for purchases made directly from the mobile device, including tablets

 "Outside Apple’s walled garden, direct carrier billing for apps and mobile web content has replaced premium SMS as the payment standard for mobile commerce," said Anil Malhotra, who leads marketing for the company. "Driven by the greater flexibility and reliability of direct carrier charging, the growth opportunity for m-commerce is enormous as usage of internet services migrates on mass from PCs to billions of mobile devices."

This year Bango is initiating mobile billing in Latin America and Asian countries. It forecasts coverage of 1 billion paying customers by year's end.