Papaya Toys Attends Momentum Conference

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Papaya Toys, manufacturer of quality and boutique-style luxury massagers, attended the first-ever Momentum Conference in Washington, D.C., on April 1-3.

“Papaya Toys is honored to have been one of many notable vendors that attended the first conference,” said Pamela McKee, aka Papaya Pam, managing partner of PAPAYA Toys U.S. “As the Internet, social networking and blogging continue to impact the adult industry, we felt it was of the utmost importance to take this opportunity to meet some of the most influential and sex positive individuals in the adult industry today.”

The conference was organized by Tied Up Events and featured sex positive workshops, presentations and industry networking with sex educators and professionals.

“It is exciting for us as a company to participate and network with those people of the same principles and beliefs as Papaya Toys,” said Chris Robbins, aka Papaya Chris, managing partner. “We met some amazing and inspiring people and are already looking forward to next year’s conference.”

Papaya Toys are crafted from 100 percent premium silicone from U.S. suppliers. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Hong Kong with newly opened offices in the U.S. According to the company, designer and CEO Holger Theisen relocated from Germany to Asia with a belief that quality is a process, not a static attribute.