Enhancing Adult Site Usability

Aaron Lawrence

Summit, New Jersey - AdultUsability has launched the Internet's first consulting service dedicated to improving the user experience of adult websites.

All of AdultUsability's services are based on the principle that poorly designed websites lose both users and sales to better designed competition. Improving usability on these sites reverses the trend, thereby attracting more users and increasing the rate of sales. This principle is supported through the research of Internet usability pioneers the Nielsen Norman Group (with whom AdultUsability is not affiliated).

The Nielsen Norman Group’s study, "Usability Return on Investment" found that websites that budgeted 10% of their web design budget to enhancing usability experienced a 100% increase in sales and 150% increase in site traffic.

Until now there have been no services that provide usability consulting to the adult market. AdultUsability fills this gap by analyzing client websites using hundreds of established usability guidelines. Findings are then summarized in detailed reports listing specific recommendations for how usability can be improved. Clients can choose between an evaluation of their full website, homepage, checkout process, or an area of their own selection. Alternately, clients may submit a prototype of a website in development for review.

According to AdultUsability founder Aaron Lawrence, "Webmasters are usually too close to their sites to review them objectively. As an uninvolved party we are able to provide an impartial viewpoint. From the smallest detail to the biggest design flaw, we help Webmasters identify and correct usability problems that make their sites awkward, annoying, and confusing to users."

AdultUsability provides services exclusively to the adult market. They work with both pornographic and non-pornographic adult sites with straight, gay, bisexual, transsexual, and fetish themes.

For more information, please visit the site at http://www.adultusability.com