Lady Calston Closes Its Doors

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — After more than 20 years of designing and manufacturing adult novelty products for women, men and couples, Lady Calston announced it is closing due to unexpected medical concerns that have prompted the retirement of owner Larry Gayne.

“On behalf of Larry and Calston we thank everyone with whom we did business for their continued patronage over the past 20 years,” the company said. “Without your support we could not have initiated so many wonderful projects and completed so many niche products.

“We will sincerely miss the day-to-day conversations and communications with our closest clients, and we regret not having developed more in-depth relationships with others, including those that we came to so easily recognize at trade shows and industry gatherings. You will all be sorely missed.”

Calston said it is currently selling off all inventory of discounts at upwards to 70 percent off manufacturers’ prices. The company also said it is auctioning off patents, trademarks, product usage rights, molds and new product files in one bundle and as a single entity.

For more information on the auction, call Laurie at (416) 398-0999.

The company said it will be shipping product through May and remain open for customer service through the summer months.