Charlie Sheen Parody Streets

LOS ANGELES — Powersville has released "Charlie's Porno Adventure," a parody that portrays the girls who partied with Charlie Sheen.

"We shot this on the day that the network actually fired Charlie Sheen," director Jim Powers said. "The day he was actually fired was being incorporated right into the movie."

The film, starring Evan Stone as Sheen, starts off with a girl calling the police while being locked in a bathroom because she's stolen Charlie's watch. Stone then runs naked when the police show up.

“Evan Stone really felt he had to do as much drugs as Charlie Sheen did to stay in character because he wanted to keep it very realistic," Powers said.

Cast alongside with Evan Stone are Holly Stevens, Kacey Jordan, Victoria White, Vicki Chase, and Jamey James.

The film will be released April 18.