GGW's Joe Francis Held in Contempt, Fined

Lyla Katz

PANAMA CITY, Fla. — Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis is no longer representing himself after the judge in his civil case held him in contempt of court.

The case was brought by four women who accuse him of sexually exploiting them when they were underage for his “Girls Gone Wild” series.

Judge Richard Smoak ruled Francis was in contempt for violating an evidentiary rule during cross examination of a witness and ended Francis' cross examination of that witness immediately, a news station reported.

The judge had to instruct Francis on how to cross examine the plaintiff. "Everything you say needs to have a question mark after it," the judge said.

“I’m going to make it like Jeopardy, your honor,” Francis said.

Francis, who was acting as his own attorney in the trial because he had trouble finding and retaining representation, has found a team of attorneys to represent him.

He was also fined $2,500 for contempt of court.