Black Rayne Signs First Exclusive Model

ATLANTA — Urban studio Black Rayne Productions has signed its first exclusive model, Trap Boyy.

Trap Boy was the obvious choice for the first Black Rayne exclusive, the company said. He's worked with performers such as Hot Rod, Cuban Michaels and Chase Coxxx on ,along with several DVD covers.

Trap Boyy also works in concert with Black Rayne’s partner studio Platinum Male Studios and has worked alongside urban mega model Jovonnie.

Trap connects with his fans via twitter, Facebook and his blog which follows the Black Rayne tradition of being readily available, honest and communicating with its fans, the company said.

”I’m truly honored to be working under the Black Rayne leadership," Trap said. "They are great people and extremely hands on, as well as, honest and dedicated to a quality product. I am, if nothing else, humbled by this experience and opportunity. Out of probably scores of people that he could have done this for they chose me! I am truly appreciative and excited about the years to come.”