ILS Wraps With Busy Buyers

Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS - The International Lingerie Show came to a close with exhibitors closing sales and buyers sticking around until the very end for last-minute deals.

Electric Lingerie President Elan Rofe and national sales manager Zach Goode worked two booths during the show - Electric Lingerie and Hustler Lingerie that was shared with LFP's novelty and apparel divisions.

Electric Lingerie displayed its new collections, including the range of Blue Line men's underwear that were modeled by Hollywood Men entertainer Sarge, Lux Fetish line of BDSM gear, Last Lix bachelorette items and Hot Manequin display models.

An aisle away, the Hustler Lingerie booth featured the debut of Hustler Shoes, a collection of 23 styles ranging from high heels to sneakers, which is set to ship in June.

"We are enthusiastic about the new line and to continue to innovate and develop the Hustler brand through our great relationship with Theresa Flynt," Goode said. "Our partnership is blazing trails."

Goode also referred to rooftop party held the evening prior at the Hustler Club that treated attendees to an open bar, giveaways and topless dancers on a lower level of the multi-story club and retail store.

ILS marked Goode's first trade show since joining Electric Lingerie and he said the event was fruitful through to the very end.

"The show was great," he said, "I was booked with appointments every day, every hour down to the very last day."

Kris Lynch, president of RUFF-doggie Styles Inc. showcased a booth of fun, female-friendly restraints and fetish gear, which she called BDSM - Bedroom Diva Sensual Mischief.

"Our products are meant to make a woman feel pretty, which will make them feel empowered in the bedroom," Lynch said. "When a woman sees a beautiful rose, her eyes light up and her muscles relax."

She added that with relieved tension a woman is more open to experiment with "kinky not freaky" items such as the Rose Whip or Rose Rope, which disguise the fetish products as delicate roses.

Lynch also had an interesting story to tell about the start of her company, which was originally a dog accessories company until a frequent buyer revealed her products were being used to please fans of BDSM play. RUFF-doggie Styles is distributed by Entrenue, Pink Cherry and Eldorado.

Another female-inspired company presented the newest additions to its collection of sexy, stylish jewelry accentuated by various designs of bows and ties and newly released "tyecuffs."

Tara Stravinsky, the Denver-based designer of the collection, said ILS was good for networking.

"It was great seeing so many faces," she said, "we definitely made a lot of new contacts."

The uniqueness of the collection comes from its versatility, Tara said. "You can wear it to the office and behind closed doors."

ILS closed with buyers, as well as exhibitors, taking advantage of numerous last-minute sample sales.

A few hours later the International Lingerie Show's Facebook page thanked attendees and announced Sept. 19 as the next edition of the event.