Paul Thomas Plans Remakes of 'Spartacus,' 'The Graduate' for Exile

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Howard Levine told XBIZ that acclaimed director Paul Thomas will shoot two big-budget remakes of classic films in the coming months. Thomas will take on porn versions of "Spartacus" and "The Graduate" for his production company Paul Thomas Presents that now is exclusively distributed by Levine's Exile Distribution.

Levine said there will be separate casting calls for both films with details to be announced soon.

"The 'Spartacus' script is just about done so casting calls will be within the next 30 days," Levine said. "We’re looking for people that can actually deliver some lines and can act. It’s a very hard combination to find but we think there’s some excellent talent in the adult community."

Now in his 37th year in adult, Thomas is one of the most decorated directors of all time. Since branching out with his own production company after 25 years with Vivid, Thomas has shot a parody of "The Twilight Zone" and "Pervert," both of which showcased darker erotic themes.

"I think 'Pervert' was one of the most overlooked movies of all time," Levine said. "People were asking PT to do something harder and do something edgier and he delivered it and I don’t think enough people understand that. He is probably one of the most demented people I have ever met."

Levine said the filmmaker would be focusing on stories that lend themselves to a hardcore treatment.

"We’re spending a lot of money on what we consider to be excellent stories that just scream make me into a porno," Levine said.

"Spartacus: The Ultimate Swordsman" will begin principal photography within the next six weeks, Levine said.

"Right now it’s a question of finding the right locations that lead to that Greco-Roman atmosphere, and there are plenty around LA," he continued, "If we’re doing a period piece, we’re really looking to make it as true to that time as humanly possible."

A third film in the works from Thomas will be a homage to "The Tudors."

"I think the high-end feature is really making a huge comeback," Levine concluded.