Bizarre Video Releases 'Taboo Teens Get Their First Spanking'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Bizarre Video has released “Taboo Teens Get Their First Spanking," a video that features 10 young girls in a novel spanking concept. 

"Taboo Teens" is all about spanking cute, young asses. It's shot amateur style by Bizarre Video director Andre Baylock. The focus is on the personality of the girls and their reaction to having their bottoms spanked for the first time.

Each of the 10 performers present themselves as novices to spanking. They enter the scene and introduce themselves, describing their expectations about the new experience they are about to have. Their introductions are followed by an erotic striptease. The male spanker enters and tells the girl what to expect in the way of a spanking. Apprehension fills their faces and is seen in their body language as they are pulled over his knees.

The camera angles capture plenty of pink as the girls jump and jerk about on the spanker's lap. Bizarre says the spanking is playful but intense. The video is a departure from recent Bizarre Videos where scenes featured hardcore sex and fetish in stimulating storylines. By contrast this title is a throwback to some of the spanking videos Bizarre has produced in the distant past, but with a modern, up-to-date styling.

Bizarre Video, distributed by Pulse Distribution, has a tradition exceeding 30 years with more than 1000 video titles in its library.