Pennsylvania Store Shut Down After Arrests of 7 Customers

Matt O'Conner
FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The Private Dock adult video store has been closed under a court order after state troopers allegedly witnessed seven men using the store’s viewing booths for sexual activity.

As part of an investigation that had been ongoing for several months, the undercover troopers claim they witnessed all seven customers exposing themselves in the booths and hallways and that several of the men were engaged in sex acts with each other. All seven have been charged with indecent exposure and open lewdness.

One man who allegedly made sexual contact with one of the troopers also was charged with indecent assault.

The store subsequently changed its name to the Frontier Club, but the name change did not keep it from running into legal trouble. Armed with the troopers’ testimony, the county district attorney on Jan. 30 filed a motion seeking a temporary injunction to close the store on the grounds that it was in violation of the Pennsylvania Real Estate Act.

State law requires viewing booths to be clearly visible from a store’s common area and adequately lighted so that any activity in the booths can be seen from the common area. According to the troopers, the 13 viewing booths at Private Dock were partially blocked by doors and not well lighted.

A judge granted the district attorney’s request to close the store pending a Feb. 16 hearing to determine when and if the store can reopen.