Topco Sales Releases New Water-Based Lube

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales has added a new lubricant to its Adam & Eve Signature Toy line.

“Our newest Adam & Eve lubricant is more than just a basic water based lube formula,” said Miranda Lancaster, product development project manager at Topco Sales. “Its texture and viscosity for instance, were developed specifically for ease of use with condoms. Also, a lot of testing went into substantiating the lube’s condom compatibility claim.”

According to Lorelei Chavez, regulatory specialist at Topco Sales, “Any claim of condom compatibility categorizes a lubricant as a medical device and as such it requires testing and an application to the FDA, called a premarket application. The application and testing process takes approximately one to two years for final approval.”

Chavez continues, “After approval the FDA monitors all medical devices for any recalls, adverse events or complaints by the consumer. In addition, the FDA monitors the Topco Sales facility and performs an inspection every two years to ensure that Topco remains compliant.”

Adam & Eve Condom Compatible Water Based Lubricant is an extra thick lubricant designed to be used with condoms. The non-greasy, unscented and unflavored formula will not stain fabrics and can be easily cleaned away with soap and water.