Sienna Sinclaire Publishes Her Own Magazine

LOS ANGELES — Sienna Sinclaire has a new DVD out and to warm up fans, she has published a magazine featuring herself and the all-star cast.

"Boudoir," which stars Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Brynn Tyler, Marie McCray and Jennifer Dark and was directed by Sienna, came out in February. The movie is about a high-end brothel run by a madame (Sienna) and features girl/girl, boy/girl, girl/girl/boy and an anal scene. The magazine is a one-run limited edition of 1,000 copies and features fully-nude layouts.

Inside fans will find sex advice by Sienna where she tells you the best places in LA to have an affair, her naughty bedroom secrets, fetish dungeon tips and information about her School of Pleasure and her School of Pain.

“I worked for a magazine in London and published my own for two years here in the U.S. and it's a lot different from directing a movie,” Sienna said. “They are both difficult and different in their own way, but I would definitely say a magazine is much harder as you have to fill it with ads, put it out monthly, get writers to contribute and so much more. But then again I'm not doing a high-budget Hollywood film, so it just really depends.”

The magazine is available on All copies are autographed and sell for $10. The DVD is also available on her site.