Toyfriend Announces STEME as Brand Manager

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The Swedish sex-toy brand Toyfriend, created by LELO co-founder and product designer Eric Kalen has tapped STEME for brand management and operations for the Toyfriend brand in the Americas as well as Canada.

‘It’s great to be reunited with people we have worked with before, the Toyfriends really need some exceptional people to take care of them ‘over there,’” said Kalen, the conceptual creator of the Toyfriend family. “It’s like with any new generation, they need someone to introduce them, to help them grow and to be responsible for them when they make their way into the adult world and we feel that we can trust STEME and Shaye with this.

“We feel that the partnership is great because of our prior working relationships and we saw how Shaye was able to help grow the LELO line and its relationships,” Kalen said.

Shaye Saldana, the former sales and marketing manager of LELO USA, is the founder of California-based STEME (pronounced “Steam”).

“This is of course a great pleasure and a privilege, but also a huge responsibility that we are sure we can handle,” Saldana said.

The Toyfriends are a family of high-quality pleasure toys with unique and functional designs, colors, sizes and vibration modes. These products use body safe medical grade silicone and ideally priced for the consumer market. The idea behind the branding is that everyone should be able to find their own special Toyfriend.

“You Never Forget Your First Toyfriend” is the concept and according to Shaye this is actually true: “Everyone who has seen or felt a Toyfriend — whether it is an experienced industry buyer or a person that has never seen or used a pleasure toy before, just lights up and a big smile appears on their face, it’s just that simple! So I really look forward to getting out there and introducing you all to your new Toyfriends!”

The full range of the Toyfriend line is available through Entrenue and Eldorado.