Tom Byron Grabs 4 TLA RAW Award Noms

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Tom Byron and Tom Byron Pictures have been nominated for four TLA RAW Awards.

The nominations include “The Human Sexipede” for Best Porn Parody, “Tom Byron Pictures” for VOD Studio of the Year, “Big Butt Cowgirl Pinups” for Best VOD Title, and Byron is up for the honorable Male Performer of the Year.

“Tom Byron is a legend," said Brian Sokel, TLA RAW’s managing director.

"He is still, after all these years, one of the most reliable, in tune performers in the industry. From his exceptional performance in 'The Big Lebowski XXX: A Porn Parody' to the continually strong films he released through his studio in 2010, there is no limit to what he can accomplish in the future.”

The TLA RAW Awards give viewers a chance to personally support their favorite performers, studios, movies, and other adult content.

“I want to thank TLA RAW for the recognition of my hard work," Byron said.

"Many long hours are put into creating my movies and running Tom Byron Pictures. TLA’s voting process provides unadulterated, objective results. Super-fans will vote several times showing their full support, while everyone can contribute by just voting once.”