SLS Specialty Debuts Hero Male Enhancement

Ariana Rodriguez

HOUSTON — Boutique adult product distributor SLS Specialty has brought Hero male enhancement to the adult market for the first time.

According to the company, the pill features herbal ingredients that target all five senses and provides an enhanced sexual experience from head to toe, showing there’s more to male enhancement than just a long lasting erection.

Hero’s proprietary herbal formula includes natural ingredients, including L-arginine to oxygenize the blood and heighten skin sensitivity; and DHEA, a “wonder hormone” produced by the adrenal glands that, among other things, plays a role in feeling aroused.

“Hero offers a total sexual experience and is not your everyday hard-on pill,” SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said. “As we all know the most significant sex organ is the brain. We get our horniest and most receptive to sex when our brains are ready for it, and Hero’s unique formula has herbs included specifically for that purpose. It’s sexual enhancement for both the mind and body.”

The company says that many consumers, particularly those in younger demographics, want a pill that will give them a full-body, high-energy rush — and Hero does so in addition to boosting erections.

SLS Specialty said it first came across Hero a year ago, and after extensive testing and reformulation working directly with the manufacturer, the distributor had an enhancement pill they were proud to offer the adult market.

“Hero is backed by national advertising and already has made a name for itself in the mainstream retail market with incredibly positive customer feedback,” Nelson said. “This is Hero’s first entry into the wholesale realm and SLS looks forward to bringing such a valuable product to adult retailers across the country.”

Hero is available in four-pill snap cards and in fully stocked 12-unit mini counter displays.

For sales, email sales@slsspecialty.