Topco Releases Hardware Plan-o-Gram

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales now offers Hardware Plan-o-Gram for brick and mortar retailers wishing to make an impact at the point of sale.

The Hardware Plan-o-Gram consists of a 25" x 50.6" (63.5cm x 128.5cm) poster that fits easily on end caps or alongside other categories on any slat wall. The decorative poster is glossy, heavy-duty, and mimics a hardware store wall display.

UPC codes and images indicate where the product sets on the poster so it is easy to restock and easy for store employees to order directly from the sign. The Hardware poster is easy to install; adhesive and peg hooks hold the poster to the wall with no guess work or complicated instructions.

In addition to the Hardware Plan-o-Gram, Topco Sales recently released a Cake Plan-o-Gram, which is currently available for order. A similar plan-o-gram for the Asylum line is coming soon. Though the Asylum Plan-o-Gram is not yet available for shipment, distributors can place preorders.

"The initial response to the Cake Plan-o-Gram Kit was incredibly positive. We hope the Hardware Plan-o-Gram is equally popular," said Scott Tucker, president and CEO of Topco Sales.

The Plan-o-Grams are available to order in kits. The kit for each includes two posters and two of each product in the respective lines. There is no additional cost for the posters; they are free as long as they are ordered as a complete package in the kit.