Cocksure Men Releases ‘The Engagement Part II’

SUN VALLEY, Calif. — Cocksure Men, the brainchild of gay porn mogul Jake Cruise, has released the second and final part of its first full length feature, "The Engagement," starring all six of the studio's exclusives: Brady Jensen, Kevin Crows, Morgan Black, Mitch Vaughn, Guy Jones and Robert Axel.

The first part featured two of the men announcing their engagement to their closest friends, leading to a "cock-sucking orgy and two three-way scenes. Part two opens with all of the guys in a steamy shower, a scene that ultimately climaxes with all six men in a living room orgy.

"We tried to challenge ourselves with this one," said Cruise from his Sun Valley Ranch backlot where the majority of Jake Cruise Media movies are shot, "shooting on location, moving the action from room to room in a natural way, capturing the action as it unfolded, incorporating things like cell phone video shot by the men themselves as they fucked. The end result is something you can really believe would happen with these guys."

Cruise produced both parts of the movie and directed the final scene himself. John Tegan, Jake Cruise Media's vice president of talent and production and Jasun Mark, the company's vice president of marketing, directed the first part of the movie.

'The Engagement' will be released on DVD later this Spring. The DVD will include both parts 1 & 2 plus some behind-the-scenes fun shot on set.

"While we were working to set up the production, the guys were all hanging out together bonding and joking around," explains Mark, "by the end of the shoot the guys were all buddies… it was really fun to watch. I think it's why the ensemble works so well in the movie… you really are watching a bunch of guys who are friends and would be hanging out together anyway… just this time they're fucking."