Federal Prosecutor Warns Parents to Protect Kids from IPods

Kat Khan
WASHINGTON — Adult content is easier to access than ever via the new Video iPod device – and due to the new expansion of the adult industry into the iPod market, a former federal prosecutor and a veteran government consultant on pornography are issuing a formal warning to parents to protect their kids from iPods, claiming the adult industry is targeting America’s youth.

Alarmed at the pornographers' alleged targeting of youth, former Justice Department prosecutor Patrick Truman and Judith Reisman Ph.D., a veteran federal consultant and former Commission on Pornography member, are both warning parents to protect their kids from adult content on Video iPods.

The popularity of Apple's new video-capable portable technology may be driving adult content providers to introduce iPod-compatible video content but various companies are showing their support as well, forming divisions dedicated solely to adult content for the portable players.

"Like other forms of entertainment, consumers want to watch programming that interests them at their convenience, so we expect that people will watch porn films in places other than the privacy of their bedroom," David Joseph, founder, president and CEO of Red Light District and Platinum X, said. "Technology gives us the opportunity to provide this service. We're calling this ‘porn-on-the-pod.’"

Joseph recently founded iPorns.com, the latest entrant to the increasingly crowded iPod porn market, which offers content formatted for the iPod as well as other portable media devices.

However, Truman said that Apple Corp. has a responsibility to consumers to avoid providing porn content, adding that the public should turn against them if they avoid such responsibility. He also said that the federal government should require companies to provide some type of parental control of digital transfer management.

Apple Corp. did not comment on whether it will provide such safeguards.