Dreamgirl Debuts New Spring 2011 Catalog

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — Dreamgirl’s new 2011 Spring Catalog marks the first time Dreamgirl offers a selection of styles specifically merchandised for the spring/summer selling season and are in-stock ready to ship immediately, including plus styles.

The Spring Collection is showcased in a new smaller sized “boutique” format, featuring a “more intimate layout and softer graphic elements” that allow the overall presentation to evoke a sophisticated yet flirty feeling, indicative of the spring and summer seasons, the company said.

The new catalog showcases Dreamgirl’s classic Best Sellers, In Stock Guarantee styles, new Special Value Hanging Lingerie and an expanded Bridal selection.

“For 2011, Dreamgirl is introducing a new Spring Collection that is a more directed and focused line,” said Susan Feldman, Dreamgirl’s senior vice president of design and merchandising. “We are offering an on-trend fashion color palette for our retailers to easily move from spring into summer. We’ve also created a special bridal section that is filled with proven best-selling styles and is merchandised to fit into any lingerie retailer.”

The assortment of best-selling bridal lingerie was culled from earlier releases that include hanging lingerie, packaged panties, and styles from the White Diamond, Special Value, In Stock Guarantee and Plus collections.

Among the new catalog’s highlights is a focus on three color pallets intended to make merchandising seamless through the spring and summer months, with some key transitional styles.

“To open the season is a soft pale spring pallet, which coordinates beautifully with the whites of the Bridal Collection,” the company said. “Then the line picks up soft pinks and blues which transitions into a sexy palette of vibrant pink, coral and turquoise designs that are perfect for summer’s hot nights. “

After seeing success with its “Versatile Design’ in both the Clubwear Diamond and Costume Collections, Dreamgirl has incorporated into its new spring/summer catalog.

“This innovative concept was adapted to give the consumer the ability to style lingerie in a way that best flatters their own body,” the company said. “It’s also a great way to have fun coming up with new ways to wear lingerie!”

Also set to debut is a collection of Special Value hanging styles. The hanging lingerie are available at Special Value prices ranging from $8.50- $10.95 for both regular and plus sizes. Dreamgirl says it recognizes the desire of retailers to have more cost conscious assortment for customers at this price level. The new selection will allow more flexibility for retailers to either garner better margins or pass on the savings to their customer base.

The 2011 Spring Collection features best selling styles and new color assortments for the ISG (In Stock Guarantee) program. The ISG program maintains inventory on best sellers that are ready to ship overnight to U.S. retailers, including Black Diamond, Red Diamond and White Diamond.