Treasure Island Media Releases ‘Knocked Out Jerked Off 5’

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media has released “Knocked Out Jerked Off 5” from the Jack Miller series.

The movie also is available wholesale through Barbary Coast Distribution.

The “Knocked Out Jerked Off” series is made by veteran videographer Jack Miller and produced by T.I.M. studio head Paul Morris. In each KayoJayo vid Miller propositions young men with an offer of cash and booze in exchange for taking a "knock out" pill, surrendering their sleeping bodies to Miller's roaming hand.

From the "no job too big or small" handyman to the enigma who won't reveal anything about himself, from the kid bartending his way through college to the wannabe porn star, the seven men featured in Knocked Out Jerked Off 5” exemplify the masculine form in all its glory. The men may be unconscious, but their cocks respond to Miller's touch: Men who wouldn’t think of letting another man touch them shoot loads of cum under Miller’s knowing touch.