Swipes Enters Adult Market With Eco-friendly Edge

Ariana Rodriguez
POMPANO BEACH, Fla. — In less than a year that Swipes has been on the market, the company has begun making waves for its eco-friendly practices and charitable donations.

Swipes Lovin Wipes are adult wipes for intimate moments. Swipes are made in the U.S., and are biodegradable, flushable and made with earth-friendly manufacturing processes. According to the company, 98 percent of the resources used to create Swipes are completely renewable.

“We wanted something sexy that people could talk about without feeling ashamed or embarrassed,” Swipes CFO Maxine Gomez told XBIZ. “That is why the packaging is discreet, elegant and eco, but still makes you blush, just enough to make you feel frisky. We want people to dive into the moment and not have to worry about whether or not they can flush their wipe. Responsible frisky-ness, if you will.”

Gomez said that being eco-friendly played a major role in determining the company.

“We wanted to create something of quality that we could proudly stand behind,” Gomez said. “We decided from the beginning if we could not do it eco-friendly we would not do it at all. ‘Eco-lovin’ has been a huge part of my life and Vera’s [Swipes CEO] and we were both brought up with those earth-friendly values.

We both keep gardens. Vera is a new mom and she wanted to contribute something great to this planet, not damage it for the next generation; my sister in an environmentalist in California, where she runs an urban farm and local grab-and-go restaurant. I knew whatever I did it would have to be Eco.”

As Latina women, Gomez and Swipes CEO Vera Lund also wanted to release a product that caters to all walks of life. “We knew we wanted to keep the product affordable and if you noticed, the multi-pack is in Spanish too.”

Swipes.com’s media section features multiple pages of donations made by the company to local charities. Walk for the Animals to benefit the Miami Humane Society is just one of the events Swipes has sponsored. Next month, Swipes will sponsor a team of about 35 people for AIDS Walk.

“I can’t remember a time when I was not some sort of volunteer, whether it was with my parents at an event, (feeding homeless, after hurricane Andrew, or any disaster) and youth leadership programs,” Gomez said. “The amount of community service hours I had granted me a scholarship for college. It has enriched my life so much that I knew it would enrich my company too.”

Swipes is an alternative to using bath towels, toilet tissue or baby wipes to clean up after intimate moments. Available in Original Cucumber Scent and Unscented — in packages of 42 or Lovin on the Go packages of 4 — Swipes’ ingredients include nothing more than pure water, aloe and vitamin E.

Swipes currently is available through Eldorado Trading Co., and retails at Spencer’s Gifts Online, Body and Soul Boutique and Spa, Alignment Physical Therapy, Yellow Green Farmers Market, Amazon.com and Swipes.com.