Pink Visual President Pens Open Letter to Charlie Sheen

TUCSON, Ariz. — Pink Visual president Allison Vivas has written an open letter to notorious actor Charlie Sheen, addressing some of his recent exploits with porn stars and whether he should actually become one.

The letter appears on Pink Visual's blog page with the following introduction:

"If you’re a Pink Visual fan, then you know that we are all about lending a helping hand when one is needed. Whether it is donating to charities like Trees for the Future, drumming up support for the disaster-stricken Gulf Coast, or providing sound advice to troubled celebrities (and/or quasi celebrities).

"It is along the lines of that last example that our President, Allison Vivas, has penned an open letter to misanthropic network sitcom malcontent Charlie Sheen, the text of which you can find below.

"If only Charlie weren’t so clearly immune to words of advice, this might actually do him some good to read."

Click here to read Vivas' letter.