Sapphire Media International Expands Program Line Up

LONDON — Sapphire Media International, a European distributor of adult entertainment in multimedia platforms, has reported that it has increased its grip for adult content in TV and VOD markets, thanks to its exclusive partnership with Hustler.

"There is a strong demand for the top movies and our relationship with Hustler gives us exclusive access to most of them coming from the U.S.," said Stephanie Murdoch-Meyer, head of sales and marketing at Sapphire Media.

"Combine this with our growing European foothold, including relationships with Daring and Viv Thomas, as well as our own productions, we have a portfolio of product that is unbeatable in the European market."

In addition to Hustler, the company has been providing its clients with exclusive programming from many other top U.S.- based studios.

The company said Hustler TV is the most widely distributed adult channel in Europe and the launch of Hustler HD/3D will further strengthen the position of the brand in the marketplace.

"Sapphire Media is the only company that can offer the broad range of content required to maximize revenues from adult entertainment, whether it be via linear channels or VOD services," Murdoch-Meyer said.