Falcon, Raging Stallion, Titan Join PornGuardian

NEW YORK — Falcon, Raging Stallion and Titan Media have announced that they have enlisted the services of anti-piracy company Porn Guardian to help get their piracy issues under control. "We looked at all the major players in the anti-piracy space," said Brian Randall, director of Gunzblazing.

"Porn Guardian has the best reporting and evidence gathering in the entire industry. They come from the industry, and were chosen by the Free Speech Coalition to be part of their own anti-piracy program. The choice for us was obvious. Piracy is a huge issue for us, and we are very happy to enlist Porn Guardian to help us in this fight."

Dominic Ford, a partner in Porn Guardian, adds, "We are extremely excited to welcome Falcon and Raging Stallion into the Porn Guardian family. Their content is some of the most pirated in the gay porn world, and they are two of the largest brands in the industry. We look forward to working closely with them and helping them thwart the piracy of their catalogs."

Porn Guardian is a Gold Sponsor at this year's Phoenix Forum and will be taking the opportunity to introduce its community service program, IndustryGuardian.

Keith Webb, vice president of Titan Media said, "In a very short time, Porn Guardian has shown itself as a very effective and valuable anti-piracy tool in the adult space. They fill a unique niche in the anti-piracy fight by targeting cyber-locker sites, which are the single biggest threat for downloaded content. As part of the services offered in conjunction the FSC APAP program we can cover all our bases by using both the PornGuardian and the Vobile services. PornGuardian's services are effective and cost efficient, I wholeheartedly recommend them to all content owners as a necessary tool to fight online piracy."

"We are more than thrilled to add Titan Media to our roster of high-profile clients," Ford said.

"TitanMen produces some of most well-known and well-liked content available today. Unfortunately, that means that it has huge piracy battles to wage. It is an honor to join forces with them as we work together to clean up the Internet of their illegally traded content."