Brown Bag Party Releases Pheromone Attractant

SANTA ANA, Calif. — Romance home party company Brown Bag Party has released its custom blended pheromone attractant Domestic Diva’s Instinctively Yours.

“We’re excited to be offering this unique product with the unmistakable aroma of pheromones, the subtle yet stimulating scent that can drive your lover wild,” said Peter Palmiotto, company co-founder.

“The best thing about Domestic Diva’s Instinctively Yours is that it becomes you when you wear it. By creating our own unique scent, your own scent interacts with the essential oils and the secret pheromones which increase your sex appeal. The gentle floral and fruity scent can blend with the perfume or cologne you’re already wearing or it can be worn by itself."

Domestic Diva’s Instinctively Yours can be applied as a roll on and is packaged to prevent it from spilling.

The company said a mainstream product roll out of Domestic Diva’s Instinctively Yours is planned for the coming weeks.

“This certainly will be a tremendous mainstream breakthrough product,” said Kim Airs, director of brand development for Brown Bag Party. “Everyone is excited as I am to launch Domestic Diva’s Instinctively Yours into the general marketplace through our consultants around the country.”

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